Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SapuraAcergy wins Devil Creek development project pipeline contract (Ref :

Published: Oct 2, 2009

Offshore staff

LONDON -- Apache Energy has awarded SapuraAcergy a $170-million contract for the Devil Creek development project (DCDP) offshore Australia.

SapuraAcergy’s scope of work involves the transportation and installation of 91 km (57 mi) of 16-in. (41-cm) rigid pipeline including a shallow water beach approach, subsea tie-in, and stabilization works together with a wellhead platform of a 1,700-metric ton (1,874 ton) four leg jacket and a 450-metric ton (496-ton) topside processing module.

Engineering and project preparations will begin immediately in Kuala Lumpur and Perth. Offshore installation is scheduled to begin in late 2010 using the positioning heavy lift and pipelay vessel Sapura 3000 and third-party support vessels.



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Anonymous said...


Since you have experience in O&G field, would like to ask you this question.

When mention O&G, people always say that petroleum engineers have the highest pay.

Is it true that petroleum engineers (reservoir/well completion/drilling etc) always higher salary than normal discipline engineers (pipeline/subsea/process)?


asri bin rafie said...

Hi Bro,
Thanks for your good question..

The answer is very subjective, but I would say YES. This is because petroleum enginners scope of work is much more dangerous and pressure than others (This is what I heard from my collegue).

For disciplines engineers especially Pipeline, I'm not say not good pay, but the higher rate of salary you can grab it after 4yrs of experience(minimum). As usual 5 figure of salary after 4years working.

For example, for fresh Petroleum engineer working with Weatherford can earn more than rm 20k per month after few month working, while fresh Pipeline engineer earn around rm 2500-rm3500 per month. But, in terms of working condition and pressure, petroleum engineer is more than pipeline engineer.

The summarization of your question is depends on engineers which area they want to suit in, either money or family.